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Cruising down the interstate
Hoping that I won't be late
My destination is two hours away
I must make it before the end of day

FLower Sculpture in Eastern WA.

Super highways have much to give
Affecting how our lives we live
They get us from point A to B
In record time, on this we agree

But looking past this hectic race
We seek to find a slower pace
Where we can relax and be carefree
Abandon this brisk mobility

Backroads take us back in time
To days that were more sublime
Where tranquility and peace abide
There from this new age we can hide

In this environment, I don't compete
Worry and anxiety take a back seat
A gentle breeze - songbirds - a loping deer
It’s about the most we see appear

Loping Deer on Hwy To The Sun

Yes, backroads have a special place
With nature we come face to face
Here at days end, we can unwind
Find contentment for body, soul and mind

Colan L Hiatt  = 06-24-16
©  All Rights Reserved

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