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The Lighthouse on a hill
By Jerry R Hill


Gracefully standing on the rocky shore
guiding ships passing through the night,
is the stately lighthouse, showing the way
with it's ever vigilant light.

The wary watchman look out on the sea
keeping watch for ships passing by;
ready to sound a warning alarm,
with the fog horn, through the midnight sky.

Hraion Lighthouse

He gudes these ships as they sail on by
through thick fog and hidden reefs;
and other danger that threaten the crew,
giving them pause and a sigh of relief.

The many stories the old man could tell
of a life time he has spent at his post.
Of ships passing by, every size and kind,
silently shimmering like watery ghosts.

Of floudering craft, seemingly lost in the night,
with no idea of what course they should steer;
then finding their way, guided by the light
from the lighthouse, relieving their fear,

Lighthouse in Nova Scotia

Cargo vessels, yachts, and cruising ships,
not forgetting the fishing boats,
all depending on the stalwart lighthouse,
and the Watchman helping keep them afloat,

Thirty years the old man has been in the lighthouse,
(it having been there a few years more).
Together they've seen many strage thing happen,
and stranger things that have washed up on shore,

Yet, he continues on from day to day,
keeping everything quite "ship-shape".
With dedication and love, there he remains
in the Lighthouse, out there on the Cape.


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